The Nine Stages of Spiritual Transformation: Stage Two

Learning to find, relax into, and share your home frequency is the key to transforming your life and entering the Intuition Age.

Penney Peirce

Welcome back to My Current Read where I discuss the latest book I am reading.  In the last post, I began to discuss Penney Peirces’ nine stages of spiritual transformation described in her book frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration.

Before we continue, it is important to note that the stages tend to overlap and one can go back and forth between stages.  As a clinician and a person who has been working on her own recovery, I have witnessed this to be true of the healing process.  The process Continue reading

The Nine Stages of Spiritual Transformation: Stage One

I love to read everything I can get my hands on, especially anything that has to do with personal growth and healing.  Perhaps you do too?  Feel free to chime in with your thoughts and feelings related to any current read being discussed or make suggestions for a book you are reading.  As my “to read” stack continues grow, I am not likely to run out of reading material any time soon.   Nonetheless, this does not prevent me from searching for the next great read.

So let’s get started.

I am currently reading  frequency: the Power of Personal Vibration by Penney Peirce.  According to Peirce and many spiritual traditions, one’s frequency, or personal vibrational energy, reflects one’s current  Continue reading