Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar

My apologies for taking so long to start the next book of My Current Read, but I have been swamped with all the challenges involved in purchasing a new home and moving.  To add to this enormous task, my day job has just initiated some major changes which have resulted in additional responsibilities.  I was overwhelmed for a time, but I am back on track now.

So, let’s get started. Continue reading

Aura Reading in Seattle, Washington

I recently returned from a business related trip in Seattle.  As this was my first visit to Seattle, I explored as much as possible during my down time, including the Space Needle, Pike’s Market, the Alaskan Way, and the Seattle Aquarium.  Seattle is a beautiful city boasting of too much to be seen or done in just three days.   Surrounded by the water and mountains, there are abundant opportunities for the adventurist, the naturalist and the spiritualist.  Continue reading