Spiritual Sojourn in Peru with Kathy Doore: May 2011

“Peru! Journey of the Masters”

Ancient Wisdom Teachings of the Andes hosted by Kathy Doore

May 2011

Machu Picchu ~ Cusco ~ Sacred Valley ~ Lake Titicaca ~ Markawasi ~ Nasca Lines

Join Kathy Doore in May 2011 on her next spiritual journey in Peru.  You won’t regret one moment!  Thanks to Kathy, I will be forever changed by the international friendships I made with these amazing people who came together to share in this life transforming experience.  With so many magical moments, the ancients sites of Peru will be sure to leave a lasting mark on your heart as well.

Trust your inner guidance, and join Kathy for this historical and beautiful journey of the heart.

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About Kathy Doore:

“Kathy Doore hosts a yearly sojourn to the ancient sites of the Andes.  She is a writer and publisher, and a tour leader.  Twenty years ago during a late night visit within the inner sanctum of Machu Picchu, Kathy was catapulted headlong into a world of intrigue and mystery, suffered the shamanic death, the spontaneous initiation of the light body resulting in the uncoiling of the kundalini.  Today, Kathy facilitates others in their remembrance and awakening.  As one who treads the ancient path, she is both an accomplished facilitator for journeys of the inner and outer landscape.  She invites you to journey with her to the ancient temples of Peru.”

Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar: Transcendental Nature

My Current Read is reviewing the Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar by Jeffrey Armstrong.  Armstrong reveals how many of the teachings of the Vedic and Indigenous Cultures are illustrated by Cameron’s film, Avatar.

Like many of you, I have been studying metaphysics for more than a decade.  I continuously explore what this means to me and make changes in my life and beliefs as I am ready.  However, I have not always known the origin of these teachings- I just knew they felt right to me.  As I read Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar, I recognize many of the beliefs by which I have come to live.  Armstrong reports that these lessons were written in the Vedic records thousands of years ago.  And, Avatars have incarnated to demonstrate these teachings to help us live in harmony with Mata Bhumi.  Continue reading