The Secret Code of Success

In The Secret of Success, St. John explains what holds people back from the success they are capable of achieving and what change is needed to get the success they desire.

Americans spend billions of dollars each year on what St. John describes as “shelf-help”, or self-help programs, books, equipment, etc. that is eventually placed on a shelf with the individual making little or no progress toward their desired life changes.  St. John reports that some individuals have spent upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, and still have “their foot on the brake”.  Continue reading

Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar: Yoga

My Current Read is reviewing the Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar by Jeffrey Armstrong.  To encourage a more profound spiritual connection, Armstrong says this will involve engaging in paradox.

In the Vedic tradition, there are six darshans, or ways of viewing the truth,  that are taught in the six schools of Vedic philosophy.  These schools are: Continue reading

Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar: The Divine Masculine and Feminine

My Current Read is reviewing the Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar by Jeffrey Armstrong.  With our lives acutely out of balance, incorporating the teachings of the Vedic and Indigenous Cultures into our Western driven values could bring the needed harmony for a healthier and more peaceful existence.   Of particular concern to Armstrong is the lack of balance between masculine and feminine energy.  Due to the dominant power of the masculine, the feminine has been devalued and objectified. Continue reading

Playing on Delray Beach

Wow, Kathy Doore told me the energy at Delray Beach was phenomenal and amazing experiences

Waves at Delray Beach
Waves at Delray Beach

were possible.  I did not doubt what Kathy said, only that such experiences could happen to me.

But, I was proven wrong for a second time now.  First there was the educational meditation Sunday morning.  And then this afternoon, I was amused again.

Have you even had an ocean play with you?

I do not mean playing with the waves, but the waves playing with you. Continue reading

Morning Meditation on Delray Beach

Morning Meditation on Delray Beach

My friend, Kathy Doore, said that I had to go to the beach at sunrise to meditate as the energies are phenomenal at that hour.  She said another friend of hers had seen beings of energy on many occasions as she walked her dog in the wee hours of sunlight.

So, I forced myself out of bed and bundled up in the warmest clothing I had with me. With a cup of hot tea and camera in hand, I walked across the street to the beach.   Continue reading