Aura Reading in Seattle, Washington

I recently returned from a business related trip in Seattle.  As this was my first visit to Seattle, I explored as much as possible during my down time, including the Space Needle, Pike’s Market, the Alaskan Way, and the Seattle Aquarium.  Seattle is a beautiful city boasting of too much to be seen or done in just three days.   Surrounded by the water and mountains, there are abundant opportunities for the adventurist, the naturalist and the spiritualist.  I would love to return to visit Mount Rainier and to fully embrace the natural beauty of Washington state.

However, one does not have to leave the city to find spiritual opportunities.  While walking to the Alaskan Way,  I came upon the Dahn Yoga Center located along the Harbor Steps.  The center offered many services, such as energy meditation, intestine exercises, brain wave vibration, and Ki Gong.  In their shop, there were a variety of yoga and spiritual products that could be purchased as well.  What caught my attention was the aura reading.

I was curious what an aura reading would reveal about me, especially after having just read frequency: the Power of Personal Vibration by Penney Peirce.   After a few attempts, we got a reading.  The picture that appeared on the computer monitor was vivid, predominated by curving rows of yellow and red, and a green blotch in the left hand corner.  I wish this picture could have been printed.

It was explained to me that my aura revealed first that my mind, body and spirit were not balanced due to my carrying too much stress.  The three would align if I would relax more.  This read true to me since my neck and shoulders are generally stiff from stress.  Life has been particularly stressful for the last month, given the changes at work, starting a new business and moving preparations.  To make matters worse, I have been neglecting to do my yoga stretches for six weeks, so the stiffness has spread throughout the body.  In spite of this misalignment, I was told my body is strong.  No major health problems were sensed.

Other details revealed by my reading included my being creative, having healing ability, and being a strong leader.  It seemed that my creativity could be expressed in many forms, such as music or painting.  I am not too sure about musical talent as I have only had one semester of piano in undergraduate school many years ago.  But, I have always been interested in seriously taking piano lessons some day.  Perhaps there is hope for me yet. 🙂  Otherwise, I do enjoy expressing myself creatively via painting, cross stitching, arts and craft projects, photography, and dancing.

I definitely have healing abilities.  As I have mentioned before, I have always been drawn to the healing field.  My original goal was to be a physician.  I see now that the teachings of medical school are too limited for me, so I was drawn to psychology, where I first began to see the mind/body connection.  As I look back, I suspect that I was drawn to the school of social work due to the teachings being less restrictive than psychology.  This allowed me to freely explore alternative health practices, including energy medicine, herb and vitamins, movement, etc.  Coaching then developed naturally from combining all of my training together.  No two healing processes are identical, so each person requires an individual approach that changes as one progresses.

Finally, I do not know whether I am a strong leader or not.  I have heard this said of me when working with my own energy healer, Suzy Morgan of Ask Your Angels.  We will see how this trait reveals itself as my life progresses.

My experience in Seattle has reminded me of several things.  First, it is important to check in regularly to see how your mind, body and spirit are functioning, especially during times of stress.  Second, spiritual opportunities are available to us wherever we are, if we will remain open to them finding us.  Third, we need to actively seek out opportunities to relax during times of stress.  And fourth, I do know something about myself.  It is easy to minimize what we know about ourselves given a culture that too often confuses confidence with narcissism.  If we trust our souls, they will reveal the truth to us. 

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