Morning Meditation on Delray Beach

Morning Meditation on Delray Beach

My friend, Kathy Doore, said that I had to go to the beach at sunrise to meditate as the energies are phenomenal at that hour.  She said another friend of hers had seen beings of energy on many occasions as she walked her dog in the wee hours of sunlight.

So, I forced myself out of bed and bundled up in the warmest clothing I had with me. With a cup of hot tea and camera in hand, I walked across the street to the beach.  

Unfortunately, I got up a bit later than recommended.  Nevertheless, I had an unexpected meditative experience.

Cold and windy, I arrived on the beach about 6:10  a.m.  Sitting comfortably as one can on a

Waves Crashing onto the Shore
Waves crashing onto the shore

wooden bench, I watched as the waves rolled to the shore thinking how I love the larger crests.  Immediately the crests became larger.  I am learning to accept that there are no coincidences.  I acknowledged the response to my desire, recognizing I was not alone.  This morning I would be guided through a lesson.  In fact, each time I acknowledged the lesson at hand, the waves crested large again.

Initially distracted by the cold, I began to focus on seeing the sun shine its rays directly on and around me.  I soon felt myself warm and relax in response.  As if on cue, my spine became straightened.  I meditated with white light flowing through me and then surrounding me.  Opening each of the seven main chakras, I closed my eyes and listened to the messages being shared.

First, I was reminded of recent tarot readings which communicated that I am ready to open up to the powerful self within as I have strong extrasensory abilities.  I am ready to see with my inner eyes and hear with my inner ears.  Of course, my ego speaks up and makes some negative comment about hearing what I want to hear.

Sun Rising Through the Clouds on the Horizon
Sun Rising Through the Clouds on the Horizon

I opened my eyes to see the sun rising through a cloud formation at the horizon.  I was instructed to look with my inner eyes.  As I did so,  I watched as the sun pulsated, an observation I had never before experienced.  I watched in amazement until the vibrations were no longer visible.

As I began to reconnect with my physical surroundings, my hands were freezing cold.  I was told I was free to go and invited to return this evening at sunset for another lesson.  I plan to return, this time with a my quilt in addition to my coat.

Arriving in my room, I was surprised to learn that I had been on the beach for about 45 minutes (a long time for someone who does not tolerate the cold well).


I continue to see shifts occurring in many areas of my life.  I am learning to remain open to the lessons by trying to see each occurrence as a lesson to guide me closer to my higher self.

I work in a hospital, a scientific environment opposed to the intuitive and emotional side of life, so do not interact with many people who have had spiritual or mystical experiences.  As I find it easy to minimize my experiences, I am always relieved to find someone who reports similar experiences.  This unfortunately works against developing the very connections I desire.  I suspect many struggle in similar ways.

Please share your spiritual experiences to inspire and support all readers.  Together, our progress is more expansive.

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