Playing on Delray Beach

Wow, Kathy Doore told me the energy at Delray Beach was phenomenal and amazing experiences

Waves at Delray Beach
Waves at Delray Beach

were possible.  I did not doubt what Kathy said, only that such experiences could happen to me.

But, I was proven wrong for a second time now.  First there was the educational meditation Sunday morning.  And then this afternoon, I was amused again.

Have you even had an ocean play with you?

I do not mean playing with the waves, but the waves playing with you.

After my conference ended, I decided to walk across the street to the beach.  Taking off my shoes, I walked directly to the water’s edge.  As I approached, the water in return approached me by washing farther onto the shore.  I know that sounds silly, but the feeling was distinctly of mutually approaching the other.

As I acknowledged the ocean’s reaching out to me, it responded with the waves getting larger and the water creeping farther each time.  I laughed with childlike joy.  The more I giggled, the farther the waves climbed the shoreline and the faster they came at me, wetting my rolled up jeans.

No, I was not out deep trying to jump waves.  I was still on the shore.   The ocean just wanted a conscious playmate.  Have you ever accepted an invitation to play with Mother Nature?  Whether talking with the birds, playing with the shadows, or watching cloud formations?  Can you remember the joy you felt, especially if you were alone with Mother Nature?  That hint of connection and knowing that all is well.

As I write, I notice the Afformation bracelet I received from Noah St. John Monday evening.  The blue bracelet reads:  Why am I so happy?

Once again the universe has responded to my needs and I am reminded that in asking, it is given fully and freely.  What have you asked the universe for recently?

Are you waiting with joy for the manifestation?  Or are you jumping the gun and allowing fear to block your way?  If you are fearful, acknowledge the fear and release it to the universe to be transmuted.  Then accept the invitation of Mother Nature and go play.  Your mind and health will thank you.  And you will be amazed as the secrets of the universe are slowly revealed to you.

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