Sample Meditation

Simple Meditation

For those who are new to meditation, I want to share one of mine.

On a beautiful, cool day, I like to go to the park and find a tree in which I can sit on a large limb or lean into the trunk.  I invite my guardian angel, other angels and spirit guides to join in my meditation.  I find my most comfortable position and begin to breath deeply as I see roots growing from my feet until the roots wrap around the crystal core center of the earth.  I then welcome the energy of the earth up my roots, through my body, and out to the center of the Milky Way.  Next, I invite the energy of the Milky Way to enter my body through the top of my head, down through the body and into the roots to the crystal core center of the earth.  Generally, I just see white light, but sometimes a particular color may present.

Meditating by Candle Light

I then instruct the light to combine in perfect balance.  I scan my body for any area that needs specific attention and allow the light to intensify in that area.  I may sit quietly for 5 minutes or 20 minutes, depending on circumstances around me.  Sometimes memories or thoughts arise, I note them with the intention of recording them in my journal later.  When I am done, I thank the universe, the tree, the angels and guides for their participation.

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