Spiritual Growth and the Power of Our Emotions

Recently, I am repeatedly given the same message:  You need to allow your emotions to flow freely.  Apparently, the foundation to attaining our highest spiritual connection is through profoundly experiencing our emotions. 

For instance, The Last Airbender (a movie about an avatar) and my coach both emphasized the importance of fully embracing and expressing emotions.  In The Last Airbender, the avatar, Aang, meditated on the key  to manipulating water and was directed to allow his emotions to flow without restraint.  As he channeled his feelings into the water, he freed himself of the grief and guilt he carried.  This in turn, reinforced his spiritual talents.

Empowering clients to feel and express all emotions is the cornerstone of Michael Skye’s coaching others into more fulfilling relationships.  Where I have tended to freeze up in our work together, Michael gently, but firmly, nudges me through the resistance.  He explains this will open both my body and my mind to fully engage in life in general, and in my relationships with others.

And although I struggle with how to fully experience my emotions, I intuitively feel the importance of this work.  As I tell my clients, “You don’t have to know how to do [something]; you just need to be open to the possibility of the change”, whatever the situation requires.  This encourages trusting the inner most self, or soul as some call it, to lead us through the lesson to mastery.  So I struggle with the frustration from the very old resistance to feeling…  knowing that in stuffing my feelings, I also suppress my inner power and create resistance to the vary spiritual connection I desire.

Suppressing emotions is all too common in our modern world, in which we survive by keeping our emotional distance, even as we yearn for deep connections with others.  Love begins with ourselves, the greatest challenge of all that brings the greatest freedom.  Accepting ourselves by honoring our feelings, no matter how irrational we may judge them to be, is a crucial step of developing healthy relationships with ourselves and others, and finally in our spiritual lives.  For how do you openly accept and embrace love from others or the universe, if you do not believe that you are lovable or capable of fully loving another in return?

Love is the answer, but we can only connect with unconditional Love through fully experiencing all our emotions –  for it is then that we are empowered to let them go and freely embrace that which is greater than ourselves.

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