Spiritual Sojourn in Peru: May 2011

Peru!  Journey of

the Masters

Ancient Wisdom Teachings of the Andes Hosted by Kathy Doore

Machu Picchu ~ Cusco ~ Sacred Valley of the Incas~ Lake Titicaca:  May 7 – 17, 2011

Post Trips to Markawasi, Nazca Lines and Ica Stones

Join Kathy Doore in a pilgrimage through the Peruvian Andes.  Share in a series of meditations and Andean despachos, or gifting devotionals, intended to reawaken the nurturing energy of the feminine spirit of Pacha Mama, the divine Earth mother.  Together we can support the development of a unified, harmonious and balanced world.

Collaborate with others to:

  • Transcend ordinary awareness
  • Learn the ancient teachings of transformation
  • Be renewed as you return to the principles of harmony and balance

This is an opportunity to search your heart for ways in which you might contribute to this collective, interactive gathering.  The high vibration existing in the sacred sites will be enhanced by this great expression.  Be prepared to remain in emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual focus, with clear and heartfelt intent.


If you feel drawn to share in this experience, then click here for more information.


About Kathy Doore:

“Kathy Doore hosts a yearly sojourn to the ancient sites of the Andes.  She is a writer and publisher, and a tour leader.  Twenty years ago during a late night visit within the inner sanctum of Machu Picchu, Kathy was catapulted headlong into a world of intrigue and mystery, suffered the shamanic death, the spontaneous initiation of the light body resulting in the uncoiling of the kundalini.  Today, Kathy facilitates others in their remembrance and awakening.  As one who treads the ancient path, she is both an accomplished facilitator for journeys of the inner and outer landscape.  She invites you to journey with her to the ancient temples of Peru.”

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