Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar: The Divine Masculine and Feminine

My Current Read is reviewing the Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar by Jeffrey Armstrong.  With our lives acutely out of balance, incorporating the teachings of the Vedic and Indigenous Cultures into our Western driven values could bring the needed harmony for a healthier and more peaceful existence.   Of particular concern to Armstrong is the lack of balance between masculine and feminine energy.  Due to the dominant power of the masculine, the feminine has been devalued and objectified.

Armstrong explains that both genders embody the secrets of the divine.  But because much of the feminine beauty is visible, men are often easily distracted by her physical beauty, thereby missing her greater internal beauty.  The feminine is no longer honored in our society, resulting in women being treated as prostitutes to sell products and sex.

When both the masculine and feminine energies are appreciated and respected, the union between man and woman is greater than simply a sexual union for pleasure and/or reproduction.  Armstrong explains the union represents “an expression of the two fundamental principles of Nature, consciously cooperating with love to make all life possible”.   In fact, the male and female aspects of Shakti, the feminine energy of the Vedic Tradition, can never be separated as we each carry both energies within ourselves.

Most Indigenous cultures hold the female energy “as the gateway to life [to be given] the deepest respect, protection, and understanding”.  The Vedas explain that at the beginning of this Universe, the female volunteered to be the giver of life.  Seeing her vulnerability, the male vowed to protect her with his life.

The Vedas teach that the original Male and Female Supreme beings are two aspects of the same Being.  Recognizing this engenders a deep respect for both the female and the male.  And as the “endless giver,” the female is “worthy of the greatest honor, love, and protection”.  When the world fails to uphold this stance, the Vedas teach that it is up to the Avatars to return to make things right again.

I am learning that honoring the female does not start with men, but with women learning to honor themselves.  As we learn to honor our inherent worth, our self respect grows.  This in turn frees men to regain their sense of self honor and once again be the protector of women, children and the elderly.

Do not misunderstand, I am not advocating specific roles for men and women, but rather acknowledging the natural physical strength of men.  That this strength be redirected away from the pursuit of power to the  expression of the divine masculine.  As men and women recognize their inherent divinity, they are enabled to recognize the divinity in others and overcome the need for power and control over others.  As we recognize the divine source of ourselves, we are able to recognize the source of all.

This in turn results deeper respect for Mate Bhumi and all inhabitants of the Earth.

Do you suffer from low self-esteem, uncertainty of who you are, or what your life is standing for?  What would it take for you to stand up for yourself and your dreams?  What changes are required in your life to achieve this?  Do you feel unable to attain this alone, requiring more direction and guidance?

Consider what that first step is for you?  Will you have a Reiki session, hire a coach or seek therapy?  Will it be joining a Yoga class, buying a certain book or ordering a program to guide you in your journey?

Don’t wait, do it now.  Do it for you and the life you desire and deserve.

About Jeffrey Armstrong:

“Jeffrey Armstrong has studied Vedic philosophy and Indian Culture for over forty years.  He is the founder of the Vedic Academy of Science and Arts (VASA) and has shared his knowledge of ancient Indian wisdom with audiences around the globe.  Jeffrey has degrees in psychology, English literature, history and comparative religion andis an expert on India and the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit.  He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.”

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