Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar

My apologies for taking so long to start the next book of My Current Read, but I have been swamped with all the challenges involved in purchasing a new home and moving.  To add to this enormous task, my day job has just initiated some major changes which have resulted in additional responsibilities.  I was overwhelmed for a time, but I am back on track now.

So, let’s get started.

Jeffrey Armstrong explains that after seeing James Cameron’s blockbuster film, Avatar, he was moved to share his expansive knowledge of the Avatar in what became this book.  The goal was to reveal “the deeper meanings contained in the concept of Avatar”.

Before I saw the film, I had read controversial views demeaning the story line as another repetitious narrative of the white man saving the minority.  Keeping an open mind, however, I was richly rewarded and deeply moved by  Avatar.  I remember walking out of the theater thinking how this film represented an amazing possibility for a truly harmonious and spiritually connected life.  Of course, this would require a great paradigm shift in thinking for such an achievement on Earth.

But according to the principles of the Vedic Tradition, such a connection in our physical lives is possible.  Armstrong sets out to teach how to encourage these changes by first starting with our thinking in regards to our connection to the Earth, or Mata Bhumi.

According to Armstrong, Avatars understand this connection to nature and incarnate in order to teach such principles with the goal of healing Mother Earth and its inhabitants (i.e., all creatures, including us).  In fact, the word Avatar is a Sanskrit word meaning “to descend in order to bring about healing and restoration”.  In other words, a divine being takes an Earthly body in order to fulfill a purpose.

As I reflect on this principle of connection, I consider what this means in my life.  I mean, I try to recycle;  but, there are times I opt for convenience.  I hate that I have a tendency to throw food out because it went bad before I could eat it.  I am a clotheshorse, but have given much clothing to Goodwill through the years.  I try to walk when I can, but I enjoy the convenience of my car when our public transportation turns a fifteen minute trip into an hour.  I try to not waste electricity or water, but enjoy relaxing with a book in a hot tub of water.  These are good efforts, but obviously limited.

When I meditate with the energy of the Earth,  I experience some connection.  But how do I truly open to receive the love Mata Bhumi sends to all of us with every single breath?  How do I honor the Earth in a  meaningful way?  What would that feel like?  How would this affect my life?  What does it take to be so open and vulnerable?  How would such an experience translate in my relationships with others?

Truly, this would involve an amazing shift in consciousness which feels beyond my grasp as the person I am today.  But, isn’t the point to continue evolving as a person and a species?

If you have not seen Avatar, this may be the time to do so.  Meanwhile, this is a good place to break in order to consider or imagine how drastically  life might be transformed by just learning to deeply appreciate the Earth and what it would take to be ready for such a transformation and the accompanying responsibilities.

Please share your experiences if you have developed this connection or what your imagination reveals.  Perhaps, together we can imagine this new world into being as we apply the insights one step at a time.

About Jeffrey Armstrong:

“Jeffrey Armstrong has studied Vedic philosophy and Indian Culture for over forty years.  He is the founder of the Vedic Academy of Science and Arts (VASA) and has shared his knowledge of ancient Indian wisdom with audiences around the globe.  Jeffrey has degrees in psychology, English literature, history and comparative religion and is an expert on India and the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit.  He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.”

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