The Nine Stages of Spiritual Transformation: Stage Eight

My Current Read has been discussing the nine stages of spiritual transformation as presented by Penney Peirce in frequency: the Power of Personal Vibration. We will focus on the eighth stage today.   Please refer to previous posts of My Current Read to learn about the first seven stages.

As you continue to grow and transform in your higher vibrational state, Peirce says this transformation expands to include others in the eighth stage so that “relationships, family and group experiences are revolutionized”.  She explains 
that you begin to know yourself as both a unique self as well as part of the whole that consists of everyone and everything.

Practicing The Golden Rule becomes natural as characteristics of tolerance and humanitarianism develops or is strengthened.  Give and take is more harmoniously reflective of the needs of the situation.  Furthermore, your sense of abundance swells as you find your needs are met spontaneously, resulting in greater imagination, creativity and productivity.

As you continue to grow, preconceived notions are released allowing your relationships to grow.  Instead of needing someone to complete you, you find you are whole unto yourself and therefore desire people who are whole as well.  Feeling secure within yourself, letting others express themselves fully is desired and encouraged without judgment.

Moreover, relationships are free to come to an end once the purpose of coming together has been accomplished.  Collaboration takes on a greater meaning in the various relationships you form.  In the process, connections with others are deeper and authentic.

Finally, Peirce says some will become adept in such skills as “telepathy, teleportation, clairvoyance, spiritual healing, and psychokinesis”.

As I write this, so many examples have been going through my mind.  For instance, this morning a friend voiced great appreciation for the home she found.  She described it as  an unexpected gift from God, having met all her specifications at a price that she could afford.

And for myself,  earlier this year I seriously looked into taking a trip to Seattle, but for various reasons decided it was not a trip I could take at the time.  Then recently my boss asks me to attend a conference in Seattle as our administration wants us to have representation.  Clearly, an unexpected manifestation.  Another recent example involves a support group that formed naturally.  The group focuses on supporting each other in our business pursuits; a group for which I am deeply grateful.

In each of the situations above, the inter-connectivity is wondrous.  The universe beautifully orchestrated the various needs of individuals and/or organizations so that harmony was achieved for all.  Like my friend, I am left in awe of the miracle of life.

On a deeper level, I have always been extremely empathic.  The first time I went through these growth stages my empathic abilities expanded even further.  I began to have wild mood shifts and/or feel the physical pains of my clients as they entered my office.  I would catch them off guard as I asked if they had pain in a certain area without them having mentioned it to me.  Unfortunately, I was unaware of how to utilize the gift without being overwhelmed by it.  A friend, with good intentions, told me how to turn this off.

I still have a connection with the emotional end, but the physical aspect continues to elude me.  This may return when I am ready.  No worries, however, as the emotional component is so fluid, it is not uncommon for a client to tell me they had just had that exact thought or that what we discussed was exactly what was needed.  I am appreciative of this energetic connection that allows me to assist others in their process.

How about you?  What unexpected manifestations have you experienced?  What relationships have unexpectedly resolved the issues at hand or healed an unforgivable wound?  What gifts have begun to emerge or expand?

We will complete our exploration of Peirce’s nine stages of spiritual transformation in the next post of My Current Read.

About Penney Peirce:

“Penney Peirce is an internationally respected clairvoyant empath and intuition development trainer known for her common sense approach to developing expanded human capacities, heightened perception, and spirituality.  She’s trained and counseled business and government leaders, scientists, psychologists, and those on the spiritual path since 1977.  She is the author of The Intuitive Way and The Present Moment. “

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