The Nine Stages of Spiritual Transformation: Stage Seven

My Current Read has been discussing the nine stages of spiritual transformation as presented by Penney Peirce in frequency: the Power of Personal Vibration.  We will focus on the seventh stage today.   Please refer to previous posts of My Current Read to learn about the first six stages.

According to Peirce, stage seven signals that things are finally changing in significant ways.   She describes this stage as “you [re-emerging] in the World like the Phoenix”.

One characteristic of this stage is a shift in perception so that you see yourself in a new way, and therefore life functions differently, requiring less drive, or doggedness.  You learn to rely on the interconnectedness of life to receive what you need, allowing you to focus more on self-fulfillment and self-responsibility.

You may become a healer, teacher or mentor to others of lower vibration.  Whatever you do, you are filled with enthusiasm, optimism and faith, as you seek purpose and direction for your new self.  Moreover fear subsides notably and support and opportunities are provided.  Intuition also tends to sharpen, as well as developing greater sensitivity to the energies of your world.  In fact, you tend to learn to increasingly rely on your feelings, instead of just on your rational intellect.

Like me, many of you may identify with a calling to participate in the world in some capacity helping others to raise their vibration.   As a teen, I had the grand plan to enter the field of medicine as a physician;  I gave it two shots.  I failed miserably the first attempt.  And in spite of excelling academically the second time around, this path was still closed to me.

It appears that I have been learning everything I needed all along.  I have been described as a gifted therapist.  And as mentioned before, I completed a doctorate in natural health.  In addition, I am a Reiki Master and have been trained as a coach.  All of my studies and experiences have been leading me away from the accepted method of Western Medicine toward a mode that is perceived as snake medicine by the scientific community- where reports of healing are often minimized as the result of the placebo effect.

And yet, as long as I fight this path, I find my life stagnant.   While the more I allow this path to grow, the more things fall into place.

Reiki is only one manner in which to learn to work respectfully with the universal energy of which we are all made.  Feng Shui, Chi Gong, yoga, herbs and vitamins, prayer, meditation, and connection with nature are but a few other means to achieve the same end.  Whatever mode (or combination of modes) you choose is irrelevant.  What matters most is that you feel connected and curious about the course ahead.  The rest seems to take care of itself.

This does not mean that you can become a couch potato and everything will magically find its way to your door.  But rather, you will begin to feel pulled in various directions.  Should you choose to follow the guidance that is being offered, you will be led in the direction that fulfills your needs and purpose.

In the end, the only question that remains is:  Will you act on the nudging?

We will explore the eighth stage of Peirce’s stages of spiritual transformation in the next post of My Current Read.

About Penney Peirce:

“Penney Peirce is an internationally respected clairvoyant empath and intuition development trainer known for her common sense approach to developing expanded human capacities, heightened perception, and spirituality.  She’s trained and counseled business and government leaders, scientists, psychologists, and those on the spiritual path since 1977.  She is the author of The Intuitive Way and The Present Moment. “

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