The Nine Stages of Spiritual Transformation: Stage Six

My Current Read has been discussing the nine stages of spiritual transformation as presented by Penney Peirce in frequency: the Power of Personal Vibration. We will focus on the sixth stage today.   Please refer to previous posts of My Current Read to learn about the first five stages.

In this stage, Peirce says “you stop, let go and relax into your truest self”.  Whether from shear exhaustion from fighting your situation or after experiencing an inspiring moment, you begin to let go of old means of coping.  With nothing to immediately replace these old habits, you find yourself in a state of peace.

Peirce explains that some people, frightened 
by the new freedom, experience this as emptiness causing your mind to panic.  But, if you can return to the quiet, you can find your truest self.  This may result in a period of down time, lacking direction or drive, as you examine your life and goals and learn wholehearted acceptance of life.

I remember the first period in which I finally just let go.  This occurred while I was living in a small country town.  It was a profoundly painful period in my life.  A longstanding, but dysfunctional relationship had finally come to an end.  And,  my efforts to transfer to Dallas were met by repeated blocks.  I finally gave in and accepted that I would not be moving any time soon.

My focus slowly shifted to entering a doctoral program in natural health.  I found my natural rhythm that left me energetic and productive.  My studies included herbs, minerals and vitamins, as well as the Chinese and Ayurvedic systems of traditional medicine.

Living in a more relaxed pace of life with few modern distractions, I visited the state park to explore or sit against a tree to read.  I pursued various spiritual interests, started figuring out some things about myself and connected with nature.  Some lessons of myself came peacefully, while others were deeply painful.  In the end, the lessons of personal responsibility and personal power had initiated a deeper level of healing.

Peirce points out that as you connect deeply with your core self, there may be a sense that  you do not fit in with society any longer.  In my case, I have never really felt connected to the world outside myself.  It is a strange contrast since I have a functional connection with the world.  But when I am stressed, I turn within myself.  This resulted in deep depression in my younger years.

But during this period, I began learning how to turn within to heal, instead of to hide and escape.  My sense of disconnection  with society continues to various degrees so as to allow me to care for my needs.  However, because I am more grounded, I am less easily overwhelmed to the point of needing to disappear.

Where are you in your process?  What lessons are you learning about yourself?   Are you learning to let go, or do you continue to resist?

We will continue to explore the seventh stage of Peirce’s stages of spiritual transformation in the next post of My Current Read.

About Penney Peirce:

“Penney Peirce is an internationally respected clairvoyant empath and intuition development trainer known for her common sense approach to developing expanded human capacities, heightened perception, and spirituality.  She’s trained and counseled business and government leaders, scientists, psychologists, and those on the spiritual path since 1977.  She is the author of The Intuitive Way and The Present Moment. “

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