The Secret Code of Success

In The Secret of Success, St. John explains what holds people back from the success they are capable of achieving and what change is needed to get the success they desire.

Americans spend billions of dollars each year on what St. John describes as “shelf-help”, or self-help programs, books, equipment, etc. that is eventually placed on a shelf with the individual making little or no progress toward their desired life changes.  St. John reports that some individuals have spent upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, and still have “their foot on the brake”. 

Sound familiar?

St. Johns says this is not because people are unmotivated to be successful.  What holds an individual back is more subtle than that.  Nor is the root of the problem failing to set goals, take action, evaluate the progression of the process, or trying again (aka, the four steps of how to be successful).  In fact, it is because people keep trying again that the industry is so profitable.

In the real world, St. John says most people are in a fog because they don’t know what they really want or don’t believe they can have it.   They get caught on a treadmill with all their “busyness”, but are still not achieving what they want.  This, of course, tends to lead to feeling like a failure as each compares their success to that of others.  However, they do keep trying new approaches in hope of getting a different outcome.

Is this really starting to feel familiar about now?

St. John explains that the reason so many are not achieving their goals is because they get in their own way by not letting themselves succeed.  Of course, this is unintentional, or more accurately stated… subconscious.  Whereas most people are aware of their reasons for doing something, their reasons for not doing something are often hidden in their subconscious.  The reasons for not doing something comes out as what he calls “head trash”, or negative self-beliefs and self-doubt.

To progress, we need permission to succeed.  St. John explains that this involves learning who you really are, and then acting in accord to who you really are.  This is achieved by following the seven steps of The Secret Code of Success.

By following these steps, St. John says you will eliminate the “head trash”, allow yourself to make more money, enjoy improved relationships, improve sales/recruiting efforts, increase your self-confidence, enhance feelings of happiness, connection, joy, enthusiasm, and love, and learn your purpose on Earth.  The seven steps are:

  1. Afformations (i.e., asking empowering questions)
  2. Loving mirrors and safe havens
  3. Systems of support
  4. Goal-free zones and goal replacement surgery
  5. Who are you trying to protect, punish or please?
  6. Find your No
  7. Find your Because.

Understanding the steps and putting them into practice is sure to lead you to the success you desire.  To learn more about these steps and what actions you can take to make them work effectively for you, you will need to read St. John’s The Secret Code of Success.

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About the Author:

Noah St. John, PhD, is the Founder and CEO of, an international success training company, and host of WeathyFunTv.  People and organizations in nearly forty countries are using his breakthrough methods to eliminate their head trash and enjoy more control, freedom, and abundance in their lives and careers. He is the author of Permission to Succeed and The Great Little Book of Afformations, which have been translated into four languages.

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