World Peace Card Meditations: January

World Peace Card Meditations

Wednesday, January 12, 7:30pm

(your time zone)

Future Dates

Wednesday, February 16 &

March 16 at 7:30pm

More than 227,000 World Peace Cards have been downloaded.  Using your peace cards brings blessings to the world as well as to you.

The next World Peace Card group meditation has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 12 at 7:30pm (your time zone).

This method allows for the energy of peace to be transmitted for a full 24 hours and continue long after this.

By meditating on world peace, you will help shift the vibration of our wonderful planet into a higher state of consciousness.  As you use the cards to meditate on world peace, you will be a beacon through which peace will spread around the planet.

The suggested meditation period is 15 minutes.  The technique I’d like you to use is based on allowing yourself to be a beacon of peace. The World Peace Cards hold the vibration of the World Peace Grids which have been placed at spiritually significant locations and are relay stations for higher consciousness.  By simply opening to their energy, you’ll become a channel for their love and peace which will flow through you to all the people on Earth.  To do this, hold the cards in your hands or place them in front of you.  Then simply meditate on peace.

We are entering a new era. Our entire planet including all the people and living things are moving into a place where it will be much easier to solve our problems and to create peace, prosperity and happiness for everyone.  The World Peace Card meditation quickens this process, making it easier for people to experience this new quality of higher consciousness and will provide great benefit for all people.

If you would like additional copies of the cards, please download them using this link and print as many copies as you can use.  Please feel free to give them to your friends.

World Peace Card Download

Additional World Peace Cards

Note: This is a larger file and it may take several
minutes for it to open, so please be patient.

When printing the cards from this file, print page 2 first, then place this page in your printer and print the image of the peace grids on the back.

Thank you for taking part in this group meditation.

William Lee Rand
The International Center for Reiki Training

About William Lee Rand:

William Lee Rand is the founder and president of The International Center for Reiki Training.  He has authored Reiki, The Healing Touch, The Reiki Touch Kit, Reiki for a New Millennium, and The Reiki Class Tapes (with Arjava Petter and Walter Lubeck).  Rand is a Master Teacher of Usui and Karuna Reiki.  In 1993-1995, with the assistance of some of his students, he developed the Karuna Reiki system of healing.  He is also the founder of Center for Reiki Research and editor in chief of the Reiki News Magazine, as well as the editor of the Online Reiki Newsletter.  In 1997, Rand traveled to the North Pole to place a World Peace Crystal Grid, which is dedicated to world peace , and then placed another World Peace Crystal Grid at the South Pole in 1999.  In 2004, he placed a Peace Grid in Jerusalem, in 2005 at the ICRT in Southfield, Michigan, and in 2009 the final Peace Grid was placed at the Maluhia Lani Reiki Center on Maui.

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